Photo Questions

What makes a good photo?

1.) Avoid dark photos. Please make sure to take your photos in a well lit area.

2.) Close up and well framed photo. This will allow us to do the proper edits needed to crop your photo.

3.) Please include the entire face in your photo. If any part of the face is cut off, it will also be cut off on the socks.

4.) Avoid overhead or blurry photos.

Can I put more than one face on my socks?

Yes we are able to put more than one face on your socks. Once you have placed your order please send us an email at support@pawpulardesign.com or through our contact form with your special instructions and order number.

Can I use a face other than my pet?

Absolutely! We can place any face on your socks, human or animal.

Can I see what the finished product will look like?

Unfortunately we do not have a system setup for this. However, if your photo doesn’t meet our quality standards, we’ll reach out to you for a new one.

Shipping Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Personalized products take time. Our design team needs about 1-2 business days to design your socks. You can expect orders to arrive in 1-2 weeks within the United States and 2-3 weeks for international orders.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to the US is a flat rate of $2.00

Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $4.00

International Shipping is a flat rate of $8.00